June 10-16, 1926 

B. Frank Mebane, a millionaire capitalist and a powerful business force in Rockingham County for several decades, died at age 60 in New York City, where he became ill while waiting to board an ocean liner to join his wife on vacation in England. 

Mrs. Mebane, on learning of the critical nature of his illness, immediately booked passage to return to the U.S. but could not make it back before his death. 

In more than 40 years in business for himself, Mebane founded seven mills in the Leaksville-Spray-Draper area, several of which he later sold to the Marshall Field Company of Chicago. He also founded the Imperial Bank and Trust Company in Spray and the Spray Water Power and Land Company, which owns much business property in the Tri-Cities and thousands of acres of land. 

He was a business associate of the Morehead family, a connection he established through his wife, the daughter of the late James Turner Morehead. 

The store of W.F. Burton at Harrison's Crossroads near Reidsville burned down, with flames consuming the entire stock and the cash register. Mr. Burton was in Reidsville when the fire started. ... The word from Madison is that, despite refreshing showers over the past weekend, the ground remains dry and the crop outlook is gloomy. Many wells in the area have gone dry during the prolonged spring drought. ... As if drought was not enough for them to worry about, tobacco farmers have been advised of a new disease afflicting tobacco known as mosaic. Agricultural scientists say this is a viral disease that stunts the growth of tobacco plants. 

The first of the season's peaches grown in the county are now on the Reidsville market. The fruit is said to be well developed for an early variety. ... The case of Alvis L. Robertson, former assistant postmaster of Leaksville-Spray charged with misappropriation of funds, has been continued in 

U.S. Federal District Court in Greensboro until the next term of court. ... Allen H. Gwynn, city attorney for Reidsville, made a scholarly speech on Zebulon Vance to the Chalmers Glenn Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy in Leaksville

Gift ideas for dad: Pajamas trimmed with pearl buttons, $1; English broadcloth dress shirts, $1.79; English twill neckties, $1.50 to $3.50. 

At the bank: Savings bank deposits of $50 or more pay 5 percent.

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