July 27-August 2, 1953 

Lt. J.L. Saunders Jr., credited with shooting down two MIG-15s and damaging three others last year in Korea, provided the Greensboro-High Point Airport with a first. The first jet plane ever to land at the airport was piloted by Lt. Saunders, 27, a Reidsville native and graduate of UNC who flew in this week for a weekend visit with his parents in Reidsville. 

Saunders, based at Las Vegas, had to make a cross-country operational training flight and so used that as a reason to visit his parents. Before landing at the airport, the 1947 Reidsville High graduate buzzed his parents' home in Reidsville to let them know he was in the neighborhood. 

Beverly James Hill of Leaksville is only 17 but already he's on his second tour with the Marines. He originally enlisted two years ago by claiming to be older than he was. When it was discovered he was only 15, he was discharged. This week, on turning 17, he re-enlisted and was sent to Parris Island, S.C., for boot camp. ... Contracts have been let for construction of water and sewer lines in Spray. The work, to cost more than $800,000, will begin Sept. 1 and is to be completed by the end of the year. 

Reidsville has three new medical doctors: Sam K. Stallard, Lewis P. Crosby and William W. Trigg Jr. All are general practitioners. ... A Danville man was arraigned before a U.S. commissioner on liquor charges after he abandoned his car on Hill Street in Reidsville following a high speed chase by Reidsville police and federal officers. They found 42 gallons of bootleg whiskey in his car and charged him with possession of illegal whiskey.

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