July 13-19, 1928 

Just four years after 13 of them founded the church, Leaksville-area Moravians laid the cornerstone for a house of worship of their own. 

The church will be of brick veneer and will have a two-story Sunday school department. It is being built on land donated by Carolina Cotton and Woolen Mills Co. across from Burton Grove School. 

The church's membership has grown steadily since its organization. For instance, the Sunday school started in a large room over a store near the Leaksville YMCA with an attendance of 20. In recent weeks, the Sunday school enrollment has reached 165, with an average attendance of 120. 

After quickly outgrowing their first quarters over the store, the Moravians have been meeting at the YMCA. 

Representatives of presidential candidates Alfred E. Smith (Democrat) and Herbert Hoover (Republican) will speak to the Leaksville Rotary Club at its next two meetings. C.P. Wall will talk on behalf of Smith, the governor of New York, and T.H. Barker will present the case for Hoover, a member of President Coolidge's Cabinet. ... Union church services in Reidsville will be held at the Presbyterian Church. Church officials, seeking a large attendance, promised the auditorium will be well ventilated and, in addition, a good supply of fans will be within easy reach. 

The welfare department of Leaksville, Spray and Draper is sponsoring a tonsil clinic for mill workers. Drs. Keenan Casteen and C.V. Tyner have moved the clinic to the third floor of the Realty Building in Leaksville because the Leaksville Hospital has a large number of patients and therefore has insufficient space for the clinic. ... The congregation of First Christian Church in Reidsville has decided to postpone calling a pastor to succeed the Rev. W.A. Whitten until November. Pastors from other Christian churches will be asked to preside at Sunday services until then. 

Timekeeper: Mantle clock, $8.95.

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