January 5-11, 1928

The Nantucket mill at Spray is being enlarged and its product line is being changed from ginghams to sheetings. 

Two hundred sheeting looms will be installed next month as the plant converts to its new product line. The gingham manufacture is being transferred to another Marshall Field Company plant. 

With the new looms at the Nantucket mill, Marshall Field will have 700 looms at its Spray and Draper plants turning out its nationally known Wearwell sheeting. The Nantucket plant also will continue to make automobile fabrics, with 50 looms installed there in 1927. 

Receipts at the Leaksville post office in 1927 totaled $14,751.07, up 40 percent over the previous year, an indication of the continued growth of the Leaksville area. ... The Madison tobacco auction market reopened this week after the holiday break, but few farmers brought tobacco to town because of the extremely cold weather. It is estimated 90 percent of the crop has been marketed already. ... In the year 1927 in Rockingham County, there were 124 deaths and 232 births. Nine deaths were attributed to tuberculosis. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Purcell and daughter of Wentworth narrowly escaped injury and possibly death when the frozen water coils of their kitchen range exploded. Bits of metal were hurled in all directions, knocking out window glasses and puncturing a hole in one wall. The trio had just walked out of the kitchen when the explosion occurred. ... Leaksville and Reidsville high school basketball teams were hosts to teams from Greensboro and High Point but the results were decidedly different. Leaksville, behind Smith's 18 points, routed Greensboro 40-22. Reidsville, on the other hand, was the victim of a rout, losing to High Point 49-17. ... The Reidsville City Council and Southern Railway have reached an agreement to reopen the Carter Street crossing. The railroad will provide watchmen and a 30-foot gate. 

For the bed: 100 percent virgin wool filled comforter, 72-inch by 84-inch, $4.35. 

Car for sale: Essex Super-Six four-door sedan, $795.

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