January 27-February 2, 1952 

The football rivalry between Reidsville and Mt. Airy high schools, which dates back to 1927, may be discontinued after 1953 unless some concessions are made by one or both sides. 

The rivalry has been particularly intense because the game between the two schools often has decided the championship of the Western AA Conference. 

Mt. Airy school officials are insistent that, after 1953, the game should be played on a home-and-home basis, but Reidsville officials insist it be played at a neutral site, usually Winston-Salem, as it has been since 1941. 

The game was switched to a neutral site after trouble erupted between supporters of the two teams when the two schools met at Mt. Airy in 1941. Following that game, then Reidsville coach L.J. "Hap" Perry said he would never bring another team back to Mt. Airy. 

A neutral site also was decided upon because neither school had the facilities to handle the crowds attracted by the game. 

The Matrimony Grange between Stoneville and Leaksville is constructing a large concrete block building that will serve as a grange hall and community center. ... The Old Settle's Bridge, Rockingham County's last covered bridge, has been torn down, now that a new bridge has been built for traffic entering and leaving Wentworth. The old bridge, named for Judge Thomas Settle, is thought to have been built about 1858. ... Leaksville High, led by Raeford Walker's 13 points, defeated Hanes High of Winston-Salem 39-37, ending Hanes' remarkable record of winning 59 straight regular season games over four-plus years. Leaksville is now 5-0 in the Class AA Western Conference and Hanes is 5-1. 

Roy Gaston, 23, got off for $5 and costs on a public drunkenness charge, but his smoking in jail proved much more costly when his case came up in Reidsville's Recorder's Court. His smoking set the bedding in his cell on fire and forced evacuation of the jail. For this he was assessed a fine of $26.76. ... "Deserted Barn," an oil painting by Mrs. Philip Link of Reidsville, has been chosen by the Amateur Artists Association of America for exhibition in a traveling show. ... An $850,000 water and sewer bond issue will be put to Leaksville voters March 7. The bonds, if approved, will be used to expand the town's water filter plant and to extend water and sewer lines. 

For milady's head: Rich, glowing velvet beret, $3. 

Put it in writing: Parker 51 pen and pencil set, $15.

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