January 7-13, 1926 

The Leaksville High School basketball team is undefeated so far this season and could be headed toward a Western District championship. Through Jan. 9, the team was 11-0 and then the Leaksville boys added Guilford High to their list of victims. They beat the Guilford team at Guilford College 28-13, with right forward Chambers leading the scoring and right guard Hamrick also starring.What was interesting about this game is that Guilford High was one of the teams rated a contender for the Western title. Earlier in the week, the Leaksville boys defeated the Proximity YMCA team 26-24. Leaksville has eight games remaining through its regular season, which ends Feb. 5. 

The Tri-State Tobacco Growers Association, which counts a number of Rockingham Count farmers as members, has been criticized by Federal Trade Commission for not allowing exporters and independent dealers to buy tobacco brought to association warehouses by members. This, the federal agency noted, tended to dishearten the membership. ... Bitter cold weather has returned to Rockingham County, with snow that fell one night lingering on. But in Madison, despite the cold weather, considerable quantities of tobacco were brought to market the weekend after the snow. In Reidsville, the adverse weather conditions brought a halt to work on Reidsville's new City Hall and also kept some farmers from bringing their tobacco to market. ... A car driven by John Hopper of near Dunn's Store collided with a bus and a mule-drawn wagon on the Leaksville-Reidsville hard surface road but none of the occupants of the two motorized vehicle or the driver of the wagon was hurt. It appeared at first that one of the mules was seriously injured, but later the animal was able to get up and move on. Mrs. J.T. Rogers entertained at the Methodist parsonage in Madison with a five-course dinner in honor of her husband's birthday. Members of the Board of Stewards also attended and Mr. Rogers was presented a purse of $30 as a birthday gift. ... Miss Mary Ivie gave an interesting talk about her visit to Germany last summer at a meeting of the Leaksville-Spray History Club. Mrs. A.W. Dunn was hostess for the meeting. ... Miss Virginia Ann Penn gave a delightful dance at her home in Reidsville. Thirty guests enjoyed her hospitality. 

Keep warm: Knit-tex, wrinkle-proof, chill-proof men's overcoats, to $60. 

For milady's feet: D'Orsay pump slipper in black satin, patent and velvet, $9.95. 

House for sale: Five-room bungalow on High Point Road, Greensboro, complete plumbing, less than $5,000.

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