January 21-27, 1926 

Henry Ford wants the country to replace immoral jazz dances with square dances, and his Ford car dealers in Rockingham County are doing their best to accommodate. 

In one of the biggest dances in Reidsville's history, more than 2,000 persons gathered in the city skating rink to hoe-down to music provided by bands out of Danville and Reidsville. The dance was sponsored by DesChamps Motor Co. 

In Leaksville, people who hadn't been to a dance in years attended a square dance in the assembly hall of the Realty Building sponsored by Jones Motor Company. A large attendance was had. 

As part of his campaign, Ford's manufacturing company sponsors square dance music on national radio stations on Friday nights, and its dealers are urged to stage dances that night, with the radio providing the music. In Reidsville, the radio music could not be picked up, so DesChamps hired live bands. In Leaksville, the dancing was done to the radio. 

Imperial Trust and Savings Company of Leaksville declared a 4 percent dividend at a stockholder meeting. The directors afterward elected R.E. Wall president. ... The Merchants Ice and Coal Company in Leaksville will add a 15-ton unit to its 20-ton ice-making equipment to take care of business next summer. ... H.G. Broome, trading as the Reidsville Five and Ten Cent store, has declared bankruptcy, with assets of $3,449 and debts of $5,452.. ... A charge of murder against John Nunnally of Reidsville was dropped in Rockingham Superior Court this week after Solicitor Graves was unable to show conclusive evidence that Nunnally had anything to do with the death of his wife. He was charged after she had been missing for some time, and then her badly deteriorated body was found in woods. 

This was a good week on the basketball court for Rockingham County cagers. The powerful Leaksville boys thumped Danville High 33 to 17, and then the Leaksville girls romped past the Danville girls 24-11 in games at the Spray YMCA. ... Reidsville High boys charged from behind in the second half to defeat Greensboro High 26-24 in a game at Greensboro. ... Wentworth High was host to Cobb High out of Caswell County, with Wentworth boys winning 21-19. But the Cobb girls easily beat the Wentworth girls 33-6. 

Auto deal: Hudson Super Six seven-passenger sedan, $1,160. 

At the grocery: Winesap apples, 75 cents per peck; oranges, 30 cents and 50 cents per dozen. 

Cough medicine: Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, family size, $1.

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