February 24-March 2, 1952 

J.M. Sharp, Reidsville attorney and vice counselor of the National Junior Order, called for a revitalization of the three principal tenets of the order. 

Speaking to the order's Greensboro council, Sharp said new emphasis should be put on those tenets: maintaining separation of church and state; maintaining the public school system; and protecting the nation's four freedoms. 

He said there also is a need to protect against "isms" and "schisms" and called for restrictions on immigration to keep undesirables out of the country. 

A new agricultural building is nearing completion at Madison High School. The $57,000 structure will house a machine shop, laboratory, offices, classrooms, workshop and showers. ... Leaksville High School, led by Kenneth White's 17 points, rolled past Mt. Airy 78-39 to close out is regular season with a 17-2 record. The win clinched the Western AA Conference basketball championship. ... Rockingham is the only county in the nation with six Rotary clubs, and this week those clubs - Leaksville-Spray, Draper, Madison, Mayodan, Stoneville and Reidsville - got together in Reidsville to celebrate Rotary's 47th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of the Reidsville club. 

The Rev. Kenneth Goodson, pastor of First Methodist Church in High Point, addressed the student body of Madison High School in a special chapel program sponsored by the Wednesday Book Club of Madison. ... Reidsville police now have a "whammy," a radar device that clocks the speed of motor vehicles. On their first day using it, police gave out seven speeding tickets. ... Draper's new Pentecostal Holiness Church is nearing completion, with the first services likely to be held later in March, according to R.H. Stewart, a member of the church's board. ... Reidsville's National Guard unit, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 120th Infantry, has received a Silver Certificate for efficiency from the National Guard Bureau in Washington. 

For hauling: Used 1950 Chevrolet 1-1/2-ton truck, $1,195. 

Do it yourself: Kenmore electric sewing machine, $77.

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