February 24-March 2, 1927

Three years ago, three of the five county commissioners voted to proceed with construction of a bridge over Dan River near Fishing Creek at Leaksville, despite strong opposition to the bridge from some quarters. 

A contract was let to Lauten Bridge Company of Tennessee, which proceeded with the project. 

But then the makeup of the commissioners changed, opponents of the bridge becoming the majority. And the new majority cut off funds for the bridge. The bridge, which had become known as the Frank B. Mebane bridge after the Leaksville textile magnate who was its most ardent proponent, was all but complete except for approaches to it. 

Lauten Bridge sued in federal court in Greensboro, claiming it was owed $18,301. The case has been in court ever since. This week, it came up again before Judge E. Yates Webb as attorneys for the county sought permission to file new motions. 

In essence, the attorneys want to change the county's position. Originally, they had defended paying Lauten because a majority of the board had approved the project. But now, they argued, they have doubts about the legality of that decision because the three members voting to build the bridge did so at a meeting at which the opposing commissioners were absent. 

When it became obvious there was no room for compromise between the opposing sides, Judge Webb asked both sides to submit affidavits and said he would issue a decision at a later date. 

Coach Moose Tenney's Leaksville High basketball team defeated Greensboro High 44-22 and Winston-Salem High 16-14 to reach the finals of the Western N.C. championship. Leaksville now plays Asheville for the title and the right to advance to the state championship game. ... Another Leaksville High team - the girls' sextet - also is doing well in District Five playoffs, defeating Gibsonville 33-22 and Burlington 37-22. ... Despite frequent rains that have left streets and roads muddy, attendance in county schools was said to be holding steady. 

Dennis and George Isley were lodged in jail after revenue agents caught them making liquor at a distillery west of the Benaja station near the Guilford County line. The revenue agents said the 300-gallon copper still was one of the most up-to-date they have seen. ... Madison residents are anxiously awaiting March 15 when Fisher Telephone Company will begin using a new switchboard that is expected to dramatically improve telephone service in the area. ... L.V. Hobbs, teacher of the men's Sunday school class at Spray M. E. Church, entertained the class of 68 members at a stag supper at the Colonade Hotel

For hauling: Graham Brothers 1-1/2-ton truck, $1,340.

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