February 17-23, 1927 

William Shakespeare, Robert Louis Stevenson and Chopin all were on the agenda at a meeting of the Leaksville-Spray History Club in the home of the club's president, Mrs..T .H. Barker, on Patrick Street in Leaksville

Mrs. Dan G. Taylor gave an interesting talk on Shakespeare based on 18-year study of the Bard of Avon by Sir Sidney Lee. Mrs. G. A. Treadway then talked about Stevenson, often quoting from his own words as she described the various phases of his life. 

The program was closed by a piano selection, Chopin's "Valse in C Minor," played by Hayes Barker, son of the hostess. 

It's playoff time for high school basketball teams. Leaksville High will meet Greensboro High in Winston-Salem Feb. 24 in the first game of an elimination series for the Western North Carolina title. ... In girls basketball, Madison will play Reidsville and Leaksville will take on Gibsonville. ... Ed Brewer, president of the Reidsville Kiwanis Club, is all smiles after learning his club had the highest average attendance in January of any club in the state. 

Although the offerings are getting progressively less each day, the average price of tobacco sold on the Reidsville market is holding steady and bidding for what is offered remains lively. ... Dan River at Madison rose to its highest level in months following rain, snow and hail over the weekend. ... W.W. Hopper of Spray had an interesting experience Sunday night. After his car collided with another vehicle near the Morgan Street bridge in Spray, he acknowledged the accident was his fault and offered to have a nearby garage come get the other vehicle and to pay for the repairs. But the occupants of the other car refused his offer, insisting that police be called. When police arrived, they found several pints of liquor in the other car and promptly arrested all its occupants. 

At the grocery: Snow Cream flour, 48 pounds, $1.25. 

At the bank: Deposits of $50 or more earn 5 percent interest.

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