February 11-17, 1926 

Leaksville is getting one new commercial building and may get a second if the local telephone company's franchise is renewed. 

The building under construction is that of the Rockingham County Creamery Company, which will produce dairy products and also make and distribute ice cream. The two-story building, with basement, will be of concrete and brick construction, will cost about $50,000 and is expected to be ready about May 1. 

The company is headed by R.T. Smith. 

The telephone company has plans for a new fire-proof concrete and brick building but it will not proceed with construction until it learns if the town will renew its franchise. The company has asked for a 10-year extension of the franchise and says it is prepared to spend a lot of money on a new system if it gets this. 

This was a good week for the Leaksville basketball teams. The Leaksville High School boys won two games in the Western Group I Championship series, defeating Reidsville 44-18 and Mebane 45-23 to advance to the title game next week against Greensboro. ... Meanwhile, a Leaksville girls team that plays in a textile league won the Southern Textile tournament in Greenville, S.C. ... Influenza is on the increase in the county, claiming the life of Mrs. Lelia Doub, 20, of Reidsville. Near Madison, the three children of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fallin are ill, two with pneumonia following influenza and one with influenza. The Rev. T.J. Rogers, pastor of the Madison Methodist Church, is ill at his home with pneumonia. ... A two-teacher school in New Bethel township 10 miles south of Madison has had to close for a fortnight due to an epidemic of itch now prevailing in the community. Superior Court Judge Henry P. Lane of Reidsville announced he will not seek another term on the court after serving 16 years. He will return to the private practice of law so he can eliminate all the travel required of a judge and thus be able to spend more time with his family. He also is suffering from sciatica and needs more freedom of time to recover from this. ... Dr. and Mrs. H.N. Simpson entertained a number of friends with a party at their Stoneville home. The home was decorated with ferns and cut flowers. Music was furnished for square dancing by the Leaksville string orchestra. ... Eight-year-old Hal Stephens of the Oregon Hill section suffered a broken leg when bad brakes on a school bus caused it to roll back and hit him moments after he had alighted from the bus. A Valentine suggestion: Red, ripe Maraschino chocolate-covered cherries, one-pound box, 43 cents. 

Let's go for a ride: The new 70 Willys-Knight sedan, v-6 engine, $1,495. 

Help wanted: The Daily News needs a linotype operator, $45 week.

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