Dec. 8-14, 1927 

A Stoneville area woman pregnant with her 12th child pleaded guilty in federal court in Greensboro to selling whiskey to a federal prohibition agent but Judge Johnson J. Hayes indicated he thought the culprit in the case was the woman's husband and therefore likely would be lenient toward her. 

For the time being, he ordered prayer for judgment continued for the woman, Mrs. Pete Sims, until next June in view of her pregnancy. But, Judge Hayes emphasized, "I believe the husband of this woman is really the responsible one, and he should come here to receive punishment." 

He said it has been his experience that, where women handled whiskey, it often was the result of being forced into illicit dealings by husbands. 

John S. Funk, an undercover prohibition agent, testified he had gone to the Sims home two miles from Stoneville to make a purchase from Pete Sims but he was not there and the woman supplied him with the small amount of whiskey requested. 

President Coolidge has nominated Grace B. Flagg to the U.S. Senate for postmaster of Stoneville. ... Wallace Talley of Reidsville, who is in the U.S. aviation service, was seriously injured when his plane crashed near Atlanta. ... T.W. Field, 67, a member of a pioneer Leaksville family and himself a prominent citizen, died after a decline in health of several months. His father, Daniel E. Field, according to the Daily News' correspondent, was "probably the best known and loved citizen of the community, familiarly known as 'Uncle Dan'." 

Bennett Nooe Jr. has received an order from the state Adjutant General authorizing the formation of a National Guard unit with 43 enlisted men and two officers. ...Reidsville already has completed a campaign to raise funds for the Boy Scouts' Cherokee Council, and now an intensive campaign has been launched for this purpose in Leaksville-Spray. ... Two arrests have been made in the robbery of M.L. Heiner's department store on Boulevard Street in Spray and most of the goods taken in the robbery have been recovered. One man was charged with the break-in and another with receiving stolen goods. 

Gift idea: Elgin pocket watch, $11.50. 

Gift idea: Satin quilted robes, $8.95.

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