December 6-12, 1925 

Leaksville Postmaster J.R. Fagge has applied to Washington for free mail delivery in Leaksville, and he thinks he may get it. 

He said a letter from the Post Office Department in response to his application indicated this may be granted in the near future. 

Leaksville has all the requirements now for free delivery, such as classification of the office, paved streets and sidewalks, numbered houses and population. In addition, there is a congested condition at the delivery window at the post office. 

He noted that additional help also has to be hired to handle the mail during the holiday season. 

The State Highway Commission has received a low bid of $110,796 from Foster Construction Company to place 4.47 miles of concrete roadway on Rt. 77 between Madison and the Stokes County line ... Estelle Claybrook, 7-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Claybrook of near Draper, died of hydrophobia three weeks after being bitten by a mad dog as she was walking home from school. Doctors said hers was the first rabies case in Rockingham County that they could recall ... The R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company of Newman, Ga., has completed a 50,000-gallon water tank on a 75-foot tower for Stoneville Cabinet Co. 

Reidsville's $150,000 Municipal Building bond issue was bought by Wachovia Bank and Trust Company at 5.5 percent interest. There were 19 different bids for the bonds ... J.M. Sharp of Reidsville has been named county attorney by the county commissioners, who simultaneously recommended that in the future that no one be named county attorney who is employed as general counsel by any major private or corporate interest ... Some high school basketball results of the past week: Reidsville 34, Yanceyville 6; Leaksville 39, Bessemer 19; Leaksville 37, Welcome 8; Proximity 31, Draper 24. 

Christmas gift idea for her: Women's Daniel Green Comfy Slippers, $1.75. 

Christmas gift idea for him: Men's white shirt with attached collar, $2 and $3. 

Christmas gift idea for him and her: Women's Elgin wrist watch, $16.75; men's Elgin wrist watch, $14.50.

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