December 30, 1926-January 5, 1927 

Holiday news from Rockingham County 

Because Reidsville now has a $200 fine for public dances, local dancers were forced this year to enjoy their annual holiday dance at the Hillcrest Motor Lodge a couple miles north of Reidsville. The affair drew couples from a wide area, including Reidsville, Leaksville, Greensboro and Danville. 

Prisoners at the county stockade were remembered during the holidays. Mrs. Annie Johnston of Reidsville sent out a nice treat of candy; Mrs. H. E. Link and Mrs. Eugene Watt carried many nice magazines to the stockade; Big Bill Bottling Company sent 10 dozen bottles of soft drinks; and young people from Spray gave each inmate a present and told the story of the birth of Jesus in song. 

In what probably was the largest of the holiday dinner parties, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. J. Martin sat out a sumptuous spread at their Leaksville home for guests, who included 25 recent and soon-to-be brides. 

Irving S. Cobb, popular American writer and humorist, spent Christmas with his good friend C.A. Penn in Reidsville and made several trips to Mr. Penn's hunting lodge, where they bagged much game. 

Voters in Madison have unanimously agreed to sell the town's electrical distribution system to Southern Public Utilities. The Reidsville-based company will take over the Madison electric system as soon as the transaction can be completed. ... A large town clock - 3 feet, 6 inches in diameter and weighing 400 pounds - has arrived in Reidsville and will be placed on the south side of Reidsville's municipal building. It will be electrically operated. 

Frequent rains in recent days have left soil roads in the Madison area in bad condition. The road from Madison to Stoneville, for instance, is almost impassable. ... Benjamin B. Wilson, 47, prominent county farmer, died in the Leaksville hospital after an operation for appendicitis. He was stricken at his home near Madison and rushed to the hospital. ... The Rev. J.C. Ammonds, formerly of Nashville, Ga., has arrived in Leaksville and preached his first service at the First Baptist Church. 

At the movies: Greta Garbo in "The Temptress." 

Ride in comfort: Dodge special sedan, $1,055.

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