December 9-15, 1951 

For 19 years, Charlie Ratliff had been a model citizen in the Price community, farming successfully and raising eight children. Then someone told authorities he was a prison escapee. 

And so, 10 days ago, he was returned to prison to finish serving the final year of a five-year sentence for assault. 

But residents of the area don't think he should be in prison. They have petitioned the state parole board to let him return home. They have been joined by Sheriff Leon Worsham, who had the unhappy duty of arresting Ratliff after learning he was an escapee but who notes, "He's made a good citizen." 

After walking away from his prison unit in 1932, Ratliff returned to Rockingham County and never made any attempt to hide from the law. He never lived more than five miles from his native community, his mailbox had his name on it with bold letters and he even was called for jury duty and twice was a witness in criminal cases. 

It's not known who turned him in but his wife thinks it was an angry neighbor. 

Charlie Chandler, 53, watchman for the Fieldcrest blanket mill in Draper, was killed in an elevator accident at the mill. ... Engineering consultants have told the Leaksville town commissioners that an $850,000 bond issue should be sufficient to finance enlargement of the town's water system and extension of its sewer lines. ... The Reidsville Community Chest has raised $22,892 - $4 more than its goal of $22,888. 

J.O. Thomas of Leaksville has been named publicity chairman for the 1952 County Fine Arts Festival. Thomas is personnel manager of Fieldcrest Mill's Leaksville plants. ... Thomas B. Crumpler, manager of the Macks 5-10-25 cent store in Madison, has been named president of the Madison Fair Association for the 1952 season. ... Reidsville High School's Johnny Turpin has been named to the Greensboro Daily News' High School All-State football team as a guard. Turpin, a senior, stands 6 feet, 1 inch and weighs 192 pounds. 

Santa suggestions: Pinball game, $1.69; 12-inch latex doll, $2.98; cowboy cap pistol, $2.19. 

Gift idea: Montag stationery, $1.

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