Ku Klux Klan Denounced by Judge Brock In Talk To Forsyth Grand Jury 
Jurist Declares That It Is a Sad Day When Sworn Officers Take Oath to Support An Organization Founded On Prejudice and Passion - Asserts That Members Are Cowards - Wants Them Outlawed 
Dec. 12, 1922 

December 7-13, 1922 

When county farm agents and bankers met in Raleigh this week to talk about ways to make money as available to farmers as to others, the Rev. P.H. Gwyn of Leaksville had some ideas. 

The Rev. Gwyn is a preacher and a farmer and also a banker - he's president of Leaksville Bank and Trust Co

He recommended to the gathering that $10 million be raised and placed in a revolving fund. This money then would be distributed to banks in proper standing and within reach of the farmers whom they would serve. 

Such a fund, he said, would furnish the arrangement whereby the farmer would receive the same sort of credit accommodation as other borrowers and not be harassed by the fear of a premature call. The farmers' real estate would serve as collateral. 

Heiner's Store in Reidsville was burglarized sometime after it closed Friday at 5:30 p.m. and reopened Saturday morning. A. Weinstein, one of the proprietors, said the loss was heavy, but he did not yet have an estimate. ... For the past two months, contractor George L. Barber in Reidsville has had his hen house raided nightly, with one egg being taken daily. Mr. Barber thought the thief was a small dog until he happened to look into a box of rough feed and saw a fat possum feasting on an egg. He trapped the possum and said he now is going to do some feasting himself. ... Judge Brock has ordered the state highway commission to appear before him in Superior Court in Forsyth County to explain why he should not issue a restraining order to prevent the state from grading and paving a road from Gunn's Store to Leaksville by way of Berry. Two citizens, D.W. Harvey and C.J. Gilley, have challenged the route of the road to Leaksville, saying a route by Foulk Mill is shorter, less expensive to build and was actually recommended by the state's engineers. 

The Leaksville Thimble Club met at the suburban home of Mrs. E.V. Hobbs, where the spring-like weather outside and the hospitality and good cheer inside made for a delightful afternoon. Mrs. Numa Reid of Wentworth won the door prize, a pretty yellow satin pincushion in the form of a pumpkin. ... Mrs. T.W. Bickett, wife of former Gov. Bickett, will talk about "the worthwhile girl" as the main speaker at the mother-daughter banquet Dec. 18 at the Leaksville YMCA. ... David M. and Lodoskia King Moore celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this week with family and friends visiting them at their home on the Moore farm - a farm purchased by Mr. Moore's father in the first half of the 19th Century. 

At the movies: "No Trespassing" with Irene Castle. 

Christmas gift idea: Silk scarves, $2.25. 

Another gift idea: Waltham Colonial "A" Riverside pocket watch, 14K green and gold carved case, $225. 

Something for the home: 26-piece Community silver buffet set in Tudor plate, $12.75. 

Music for the holidays: Victor Records, popular concert and operatic, $1.75; light vocal selections, $1; dance records, 75 cents.

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