December 31, 1950-January 6, 1951 

Rockingham County farmers are being urged to plant resistant varieties of tobacco to avoid heavy losses to the dreaded black shank disease. 

Chester L. Brooks of Route 1, Browns Summit, reported that Dixie Bright 101 and Vesta 44 varieties not only resisted the disease but also performed well in both quality and quantity. 

Brooks told the Agricultural Extension Service that he produced 2,415 pounds per acre on his field of Vesta and had a return of $1,205.91 per acre. He applied 1,400 pounds of 3-11-6 fertilizer at the time of planting and top dressed with 125 pounds of 5-5-20 at the first cultivation. He spaced his plants 18 inches apart in the rows. 

Reidsville city building inspector H.D. Leary issued 149 building permits in 1950 for construction costing $1,472,416. ... The Rev. Daniel W. Allen, rector of Reidsville's St. Thomas Episcopal Church, has resigned to become executive secretary of the diocese of East Carolina, with offices in Wilmington. ... A human skeleton found by rabbit hunters on the farm of Mrs. John Watlington just east of Reidsville has been identified as the remains of John A. Bisel, an elderly tramp whose last known address was in Farmville, Va. The remains were buried in a "hobo graveyard" near Stacey a few miles north of Reidsville. 

Mrs. Narcissin Elizabeth Carter, 86, died at her Leaksville home, leaving 103 direct descendants including 28 grandchildren, 59 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. ... James Samuel Shackelford, one of Rockingham County's oldest citizens, died at age 91 at the home of his son, W.B. Shackelford, Rt. 6, Reidsville. He was a farmer and blacksmith at Ruffin for many years. ... John D. Hall left Reidsville this week to take over the position of field representative for the Memphis district of United States Rubber Company. He will make his home in Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Now playing: Linc Smith and His Orchestra are playing nightly at the Casa Blanca nightclub on High Point Road in Greensboro; no cover charge except Saturday. 

Let's go for a ride: 1950 Buick Roadmaster six-passenger, four-door Riviera sedan, $2,871. 

For the house: genuine Honduras mahogany kneehole desk, $55.

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