December 27, 1925-Jan. 2, 1926 

The coldest weather of the year descended on Rockingham County this week, causing lots of discomfort and problems. 

Icy winds from the north caused temperatures to drop as low as 12 degrees overnight. 

Greenhouses and automobile radiators froze up and, according to a report out of Madison, coal and wood piles there rapidly dwindled as residents kept fireplaces roaring. 

In Leaksville, the town's two plumbing concerns were kept on the run, thawing frozen pipes and replacing burst water heaters. 

But no serious suffering was reported, and there were no fires that damaged homes. 

Carolina Rowe, the small daughter of Spray Postmaster C.C. Rowe, swallowed a safety pin and was taken to the Leaksville hospital where an x-ray showed the open pin about halfway down inside her body. She then was taken to St. Leo's Hospital but doctors there could not get it out and it now appears she will have to be taken to a specialist in Philadelphia. ... Everett Emerson, a Leaksville student home for the holidays from Washington and Lee University, shot off a toe while hunting. He had the gun resting on his foot when somehow the trigger was drawn. ... Clarence Apple, 22, died at the home of his parents two miles north of Reidsville after a lingering illness believed to have been caused when he was bitten by a spider while curing a barn of tobacco last fall. 

In Madison, Capt. Jack Webster, popular retired Army officer, caught his friends by surprise when he married a Miss White of King during the holiday season. They will make their home in Madison. ... A fire destroyed the telephone exchange on the Boulevard in the Leaksville-Spray area, but service was still available through exchanges in Leaksville and Spray. ... Fire also damaged the Negro school near Spray in an area known as Moirtown. This was the second fire to damage a Negro school in the area recently, the school in Leaksville having been destroyed by fire several weeks ago. 

Gun sale: Rifles, $6 to $24.75; shotguns $10 to $118. 

For the kitchen: Frigidaire electric refrigerator, $245.

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