August 3-9, 1922 

The editors of the Reidsville Review are taking a jaundiced view toward an idea being promoted by editors in two other Rockingham County towns. 

In an editorial, the Review commented: 

"The editors of the Madison Messenger and the Leaksville-Spray Gazette are building a railroad (on paper) to connect up those two hustling towns. We hope these enterprising editors will not think The Review presumptuous in butting in to offer some friendly advice: Put your spare change in a motor bus and truck line instead of a railroad. Your investment will be less by nine-tenths and chances for dividends a hundred times greater. Remember the Leaksville-Spray and Ridgeway railroad project.". 

A hail storm swept past Leaksville, doing thousands of dollars of damage to tobacco fields in its path. It was the worst hail storm and one of the most intense reported in several years. ... Allen Ayers, manager of Chinqua-Penn Farms, is advertising for "first class farm foreman, married or single. Most have thorough knowledge of all farm crops and be worker at the same time, know how to handle men. Apply in person." Miss Mary Harrison Johnson of Spray, one of the most popular and successful teachers in Rockingham and Guilford counties, was married to William Greenwood Boone of Gibsonville at the home of the minister, Dr. D.I. Craig in Reidsville. 

The Rockingham County Sunday School Association held its annual convention at the Rockingham County Playgrounds near Wentworth. Association President W.B. Weaver was assisted by D.W. Sims, general superintendent of the North Carolina Sunday School Association. ... The Tobacco Growers Co-operative Marketing Association has set 70 grades of tobacco, with prices to be paid per thousandweight by the co-operative. These include $4 to $20 for primings; $4.50 to $20 for smoking lugs; $22 to $58 for cutters; $60 to $70 for wrappers. 

Mrs. Dan Spencer entertained at her home in Oakland Heights at Leaksville, at which time the engagement of Miss Beulah Hodges and Judge P.T. Haizlip was announced. ... The Rev. James P. Burke has returned to Reidsville from Black Mountain where he spent the past month. He will conduct services at St. Thomas Church next Sunday. 

Stock prices: Coca Cola 69; Reynolds Tobacco 46 7/8; Sears Roebuck 180. 

Keeping time: Elgin 14 kt. case, 7 jewel movement wrist watch $27.50. 

Fur sale: Muskrat coats $139 to $149. 

At the movies: "Perjury" with William Farnum.

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