August 10-16, 1928 

Exceptionally heavy rains - 3.5 inches were recorded in two days at Reidsville - caused flooding and widespread damage, especially in the Leaksville area where the Dan River overflowed its banks. 

Several store rooms on Washington Street in Leaksville were flooded with two to six inches of water. Some stock stored in the basement of Leaksville Woolen Mills was destroyed, and a small storage building at the mills was washed down stream where it did considerable damage to a dam at Morehead Cotton Mills. 

County Road Superintendent J.M. Weatherly said damage to county roads probably exceeded $50,000. One bridge was torn from its moorings, and all the dirt roads were badly washed. Driftwood that piled up against a bridge between Draper and Danville diverted the water flow and resulted in damage to the bridge's foundation. That bridge will be closed several weeks. 

While farmers suffered some damage to their crops from high winds accompanying one of the storms and low-lying fields of corn were flooded, the county's tobacco growers likely will benefit from the moisture. With a couple of days of dry weather following the rain, the growers resumed priming and curing their tobacco. ... The Leaksville town commissioners have adopted a tax rate of $1.10 per $100 valuation, down five cents from the current rate. 

Claude Phillips of Reidsville was taken to a Greensboro hospital with serious injuries sustained in a two-car collision at a Reidsville intersection. ... The Leaksville and Reidsville Business and Professional Women's clubs held a joint summer outing, holding a picnic on the lawn of the Wilson home place on the Leaksville-Reidsville Highway.

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