April 8-14, 1921 

R.P. Richardson Jr. and Company, a Reidsville manufacturer of smoking tobacco and cigarettes since 1870, has sold its plant to Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company of Winston-Salem. 

It is understood that Brown and Williamson will continue to operate the Reidsville plant, with the business there to continue without interruption. It is uncertain if the Richardson name will be retained or if it will be operated under the name of Brown and Williamson, a major independent tobacco company. 

The sale was brought about by the death last June of R.P. Richardson Jr. His father founded the company, and the younger Richardson later took it over and operated it successfully until his death. 

A number of Rockingham County growers met at Wentworth and agreed to join the Old Bright Belt Tobacco Growers cooperative association. The new association will have no relationship to the scandal-plagued and financially troubled Tri-State Tobacco Growers Association and will assume none of its financial obligations other than to buy its warehouses. ... In a heart-rending accident, the 4-year-old daughter of Mrs. Beulah Jones was run over and seriously injured by a car driven by her mother at their Leaksville home. Mrs. Jones was unaware the child had been sitting on the running board of the car as she drove away. The child fell under a rear wheel, and her skull was crushed. Mrs. Jones did not learn of the accident until she returned home. ... The Greensboro High School girls' baseball team beat the Leaksville girls 6-5 in a five-inning game played in Leaksville in a remarkable time of 30 minutes. 

Mrs. Betty Joyce, mother of Mayodan Police Chief H.J. Joyce, died at age 69 after an illness of several months. ... The word in Madison is that there is a shortage of pigs, and consequently when a pig owner has pigs for sale, he sets a date for a sale and often has up to 25 persons bidding on the litter. ... Mrs. W.F. Glass, 74, was killed when she started to cross Lawsonville Avenue in Reidsville and walked into the path of a car driven by a minister. The preacher was found not guilty at a hearing in the Reidsville court, where it was established he was driving very slowly and carefully. 

Easter finery: Paris hats, $7.50-$10; georgette and flat crepe frocks, $29.50. 

Easter flowers: Lily of the valley corsage, $7.50; orchid bouquet, $12.50. 

Easter candy: Hollingsworth assorted chocolates, 2-pound box, $1.29.

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