April 5-11, 1948

 Supporters of A.S. Daniels have protested the recent re-election of Dr. George P. Dillard to the Leaksville Township Public School District, charging a number of voting irregularities.

Dr. Dillard, a Leaksville resident who has been on the board 25 years, defeated Daniels and Culas Robertson, both of Draper, in the election. But the Daniels supporters say the Leaksville polls stayed open an extra half hour and a number of persons were allowed to vote outside their respective precincts.

They have asked the county commissioners to set the election aside and order a new election.

Attorney P.W. Glidewell Jr. has been elected president of the Reidsville Community Concert Association. ... The North Carolina Symphony Orchestra opened its season with a special concert for school children of Leaksville, Spray and Draper in the Leaksville High School auditorium. ... The Leaksville Methodist Church has begun a Senior Scout program, becoming the first in the Cherokee Council to offer the entire Scout program - Cub Pack, Boy Scout Troop and Senior Scout Troop. Raymond Endicott is the Senior leader.

Fieldcrest Mills is closing its woolen mill at Spray, with the all-wool blanket unit being moved to the blanket and finishing mills. The company announced some time ago it was discontinuing the manufacture of woolen piece goods because of an uncertain market. About 300 workers at the woolen mill will be given priority for jobs in the company's other mills. ... Community chairmen have been named for the $5,000 Cancer Control finance drive in Rockingham County. They are Eugene Sink, Leaksville; Claude Robertson, Boulevard; Mrs. Lance Agee, Spray; Mrs. Sheriel E. Storey, Draper; Miss Edna Joyce, Mayodan; Miss Mary Hilda Tucker, Madison; and Mrs. Aubrey Stanford Jr., Stoneville.

At the movies: "The Voice of the Turtle" with Ronald Reagan.

Have a cup of java: 8 O'Clock coffee, 40 cents per pound.

For milady's head: Hats by Marche, $10.95 to $15.95.

Sporting goods: Boys' official baseball suits, six-piece (shirt, pants, team letters, peak cap, socks, belt), $2.98.

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