April 27-May 3, 1928 

A two-state chase along the muddy back roads of Henry County, Va., and Rockingham County finally ended when two men being pursued by federal prohibition agents abandoned their Hudson coach near Leaksville and fled. 

Agents Levi G. Trexler and D. Sturgill captured one of the men and seized the car and 100 gallons of corn whiskey in the back seat. 

The chase began north of Martinsville and at times reached speeds of 65 to 70 miles per hour, although much of it was on muddy and slippery roads. After the two bootleggers abandoned the car, Trexler pursued one man, running him down after nearly a mile, but the second man eluded capture by Sturgill. 

The arrested man, identified as Oland Fogleman and said to be well known in prohibition circles, was put in jail at Leaksville, and the car was stored at a Leaksville garage. The corn liquor was poured out. 

A chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star was organized in Leaksville with 37 charter members. Mrs. L.M. Barksdale is the chapter's first grand matron. ... Samuel W. Graffin, religious work secretary of the West Side YMCA of New York, was kept busy during a visit to Leaksville-Spray, being called upon to speak seven times to school and civic groups.

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