April 26-May 2, 1950

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline shortly will begin digging a ditch across the length of Rockingham County. 

The ditch will hold a natural gas pipeline that the Texas-based company is placing in the ground from Louisiana to New Jersey. 

Once the line is completed, North Carolina Gas Co. hopes to tap onto it to provide provide gas to Reidsville and Eden. 

R.H. Fulton Construction Co. of Texas shortly will bring men and machinery into the county to begin laying the Transcontinental line. Already 64 carloads of 30-inch steel tubing have arrived by train at Reidsville. The line will run just to the west of Reidsville. 

Two young men from the Tri-Cities were killed in accidents this week. Melvin Dewey Gatewood, 24, of Rt. 1, Leaksville, died of injuries suffered in a single car crash on the Draper-Danville Highway. Virgil Land of Leaksville was critically injured.... Dempsey S. Shelton, 26, of Draper, suffered fatal injuries when he fell several stories at the construction site of a Duke Power generating plant at Pelzer, S.C., where he was working as a carpenter.... State driver's license examiner J.W. Fulton in Reidsville is concerned that only a few of the people whose last names begin with N, O, P and Q have come in to take their exams. The deadline for these people to pass the exam is June 30. 

Two Reidsville youths received Life Scout awards in ceremonies at the Scout Cabin on Maple Street. They are Otis Sizemore of Troop 12 and Nicky Hester of Troop 48.... The Reidsville Jaycees have named William Henderson as Man of the Year and Dr. Gary Tourjee as Jaycee of the Year.... Plans and specifications have been completed for a two-story addition to the Rockingham County Library in Leaksville, according to County Librarian Marianne Martin. 

At the grocery: Sirloin steak, 69 cents a pound; snap beans, 29 cents for 3 pounds; asparagus, 49 cents bunch; oranges, 29 cents doz. 

Sleep tight: Sears, Roebuck mattress $29.88. 

Get ready to ride: Nash Ambassador 2-door, $1,795.

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