April 26-May 2, 1925

A mass meeting of Madison citizens this week nominated candidates for mayor and Board of Aldermen and adopted a resolution seeking a new source of electric power for the town. 

The citizens chose W.C. Jones, a former mayor, as their candidate for mayor. For the town board, they tapped V.H. Idol, S.H. Price, C.C. Webster, C.B. Knight Jr., J.O. Busick and Dr. J.T. Taylor. 

In a non-political matter, they went on record favoring a connection with the lines of the Southern Power Co. at Leaksville. 

The sister towns of Madison and Mayodan are holding a joint clean-up week, with residents of the two towns being urged to dispose of unsightly rubbish and other trash.... Southern Railway's new luxury passenger train - The Crescent Limited - pulled into Reidsville on the dot at 8:01 a.m. April 27 on its maiden run from New York to New Orleans. A Baltimore traveling salesman got off the train, having boarded it at 11:08 p.m. the day before. He thus made the trip in a rapid 8 hours and 53 minutes.... In a slugfest at Madison, Leaksville High defeated Madison High 9-7, thereby advancing in the state high school baseball championship playoffs while eliminating Madison. 

In a most unusual incident, a Jersey milk cow gored to death a fine horse owned by R.F. Gentry, well-known farmer of the Gold Hill community. The cow somehow got into the same stall of the stable as the horse. Mr. Gentry found the blood-covered cow and badly gored horse when he went to the stable that morning. He valued the horse at $250.... Jack Vernon, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Vernon, suffered broken ribs, a loss of several teeth and deep cuts on an arm, face and tongue when he fell from a tractor on the family's farm a few miles west of Madison. The tractor's cleated wheels ran over him.... Charlie Chandler of Reidsville has filed a $25,000 suit against his former employer, Edna Cotton Mills of Reidsville. Chandler said he lost an arm in an accident at the plant. 

At the grocery: Sirloin steaks 25 cents a pound; snap beans, 23 cents a pound; asparagus, 25 cents bunch; oranges, 35 cents doz. 

Sleep tight: Spring-built mattress, 3 1/2 feet width, $19.95. 

Get ready to ride: Ford Fordor sedan, $660.

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