April 15-21, 1926 

The Junior Elite French Club of Reidsville, which held its regular meeting at the home of Cornelia Troxler this week, featured the reading of several French stories. 

The readings were: "Remi the Brame," read by Lillian Mace; "Heroine of Fort Montere" by Laurie Apple; "Francois Outwitting the Russians" by Louise Smith; and "Madame LaBrue and Her Daughter" by Frances Brown. 

Following the meeting, delicious ice cream and candy were served by the hostess. 

In Leaksville, the Border Book Club met at the home of Mrs. W.J. Gordon for the election of officers. Mrs. S.L. Martin was chosen president and Mrs. J.B. Ray secretary-treasurer. ... A Sunday school and Baptist Young People Union training school was conducted at the Baptist church in Spray with churches from Leaksville, Spray, Draper and Madison-Mayodan participating. ... National Music Week will be observed in the Leaksville-Spray area May 2-8 under the direction of Prof. Kircheis and Miss Grotefendt, local musical directors. Schools will be asked to cooperate by having musical selections played and sung in every grade daily during the week. 

All the current county commissioners have filed for re-election. They are W.W. Hampton, G.E. Barber, J.R. Martin, C.H. Dalton and George H. Faucett. ... Scott Fillman was elected president of the Reidsville Rotary Club at a business meeting at the Belvedere Hotel. W.B. Kiker was elected vice president and J. Walter Lovelace secretary. ... The Horton Telephone Company of North Wilkesboro has reached agreement to buy International Telephone Company in Leaksville-Spray-Draper. S.M. Hampton, manager of the Tri-City exchange, will be retained by the new owners. 

The Rev. and Mrs. S.R. Hope were honored at a social gathering of members of the Madison Presbyterian church at the home of Mrs. S.H. Campbell. The Rev. Hope is retiring as pastor of the church, and he and Mrs. Hope are moving to Florida. ... Leaksville police officers Clark, Fair and Vernon (click here to see a 1924 photo of the entire Leaksville Police Department) captured a large touring car following a four-mile chase on the Reidsville highway. They found 200 gallons of liquor in five-gallon containers. The driver of the car escaped by abandoning it and jumping into another car that was behind his. 

Home furnishings: Coxwell chair, $47.50; end table, $6.25 and up. 

Music maker: Wellington upright piano, $390. 

Conveyance: Hudson Brougham automobile, $1,544.

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