Morte D'Eden or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stones
by Jim Booth

Jim writes:

"Waldenbooks in the Eden Mall will close Jan. 24. The book is on sale there for a short time, but will soon be gone as they make plans to close. If the excerpt (see below) sparks any interest, folks will need to act quickly. Otherwise they'll be stuck with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the usual chain sources. Or they can visit Beach House Books or Wexford College Press on the web. (Both can be found by using dot come with the pubber's name)."

Jim Booth is an Associate professor of English and directs the Effective Writing Program at the University of Maryland University College. He lives part-time in MD, part-time in NC. People can see more of his work (some about Eden, some not, most with ties to the area in some way) at

To read an excerpt from Morte D'Eden or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stone, please click here.


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