Mildred Rakestraw Hopper's Scrapbook: Elizabeth Gilley

Elizabeth Gilley weds Mr. Steele

(Special to Daily News) LEAKSVILLE-SPRAY, Feb. 28.

Miss Mabel Elizabeth Gilley, of Leaksville, NC became the bride of William A. Steele, in a ceremony performed Tuesday, February 17, in Boston, Mass. Rev, Elmo Henaker, Methodist minister, officiated.

The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Eugene B. Gilley, of Leaksville, and the late Mr, Gilley.

The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Steele,, also of Leaksville. He has been in the navy seven years and recently re-enlisted in the aviation branch of that service for a four-year period.

The couple arrived here last Sunday, and Mr, Steele returned to Boston Thursday,

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