Funny, Funny Stories From my days at Eden, P.D.

By Michael D. Martin, E.C.P.D. Retired

About the author...Michael Martin (pictured front row, far right in the 1981 photo) is a retired veteran of 25 years on the Eden City Police Department, and has penned a number of anecdotal writings recalling his experiences.

XXVIII. The ECPD "Green Weenie" Award

My best guess was, this was 1986 or close. We had a group of thieves that had stolen wheels and tires from the lot at Wayne Jones Ford on South Van Buren, it became an every weekend thing that something was stolen. Eden Detective Division decided to work a weekend stakeout of the whole place. Word got out amongst Patrol  Division that we were going to set up on Wayne Jones and capture the thieves. I had several Patrol Officers who volunteered for the duty. These volunteers relieved overtime for me and I thought, at the time, this was a good idea.

      The plan was, Buddy Moretz and I were to be the floating car, our two regular detectives, in plain cars were to stay as close as possible and the crew of four officer volunteers, were to be inside of Wayne far, so good.


      All went well, we got our men inside and the business closed and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Hours dragged on and I guess the guys inside got bored and hungry. Normally, when we do a stakeout, we take food and drink with us, we forgot to explain this to the patrolmen.....about eleven o'clock, when we saw the Domino's delivery guy go to Wayne Jones with a huge pizza.....I wondered if we were in trouble. I managed to clear that and we went back into stakeout mode.....hoping that the bad guys had not seen that.


     What I did not know, was that one of the fellas on the stakeout team had recently purchased a brand new thunderbird from Wayne Jones Ford and he had some trouble with the gas feed and he had his T-Bird in the shop that very night.


     As the night wore on, these young patrolmen got bored and this fella walked into the shop, found his T-Bird and got in and without noticing the carburetor was sitting on a nearby bench for repair, pumped the gas pedal three or four times and turned on the switch............this action pumped raw gasoline onto the top of the engine, sans carburetor, and by turning on the switch......he provided a spark of fire.....the results were that the car exploded.

      In fifteen minutes flat, I had three Eden Fire Engines, four marked Eden Patrol Cars, two Sheriff's cars and EMT's on the scene of my secret stakeout.


     At the next meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police, Officer Donald Dickerson presented this officer the official award and inducted him into the "Order of the Green Weenie" for which he was eminently qualified. he was also presented with the burned carburetor from his T-Bird......that was also burned. The only good thing that came of this was.....Wayne Jones never filed another theft complaint.

Michael D. Martin

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