1949 Weaver from Leaksville High School

Cover of the 1949 Weaver, Leaksville High School.

I just was on the phone with Ruth Anna Aheron Sisson. She lives in Florida now but graduated from Leaksville HS in 1950 (I think). This past year I bought this 1949 Leaksville HS Annual, The Weaver on eBay, and it turned out it was hers.
So...after searching around on the Internet I came up with her number and called her this evening. After a pleasant conversation I told her I'd mail her annual to her. I'm really glad that I got up with her.
My father Richard "Spunk" Carter went to school with her. She says she sells real estate in Florida. She said she hasn't  seen Leaksville.com yet... 6/22/2002...(Photo by Kenny Carter)

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