The Leaksville Letter: 1802

This is a transcription of the earliest known letter written in Leaksville.  This letter was written by a G. Buchan to Robert Menzies on July 10, 1802.  Since there was no known threat to the town of Leaksville at this time, the letter is assumed to have been written as a joke between friends...

26-"Mrs. Leak" is Frances Leak, wife of John Leak who founded  the town of  Leaksville in 1797.
27- The "old captain" is John Leak himself, founder of Leaksville.
28-"Grum" was an archaic term meaning glum, sour, surly, etc.
29-"Aunt Kirsie" and "Mrs. Connor" are unknown.
30-"Mrs. Saunders" is probably Susannah Saunders, who purchased a lot in Leaksville in 1802.
      She died in 1807.
31- The name of "The Major" is unknown.
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